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Mark Haines musical career spans forty years and counting! Over that time he has performed in bands, in stage productions and as a solo artist. He has played concerts, festivals, conventions, pubs and churches all across Canada and the United States. His touring has taken him to Britain, Sweden and as far afield as Taiwan.


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New Album- “Up By The Roots”

Mark Haines has just released his long-awaited solo album, "Up By The Roots," in late spring 2020. A musically adventurous journey through styles and storytelling, the songs capture both the rootsy groundedness and the creative flights of his songwriting across the past decade. Produced by Sergey Varlamov of Crabbe Road Studios, the sound of "Up By The Roots" makes each song seem both new and immediately familiar.


Featured Songs

  • Come On In

    Come On In

    Up By The Roots
  • Little Red-Haired Girl (Up By The Roots)

    Little Red-Haired Girl (Up By The Roots)

    Up By The Roots
  • On My Way

    On My Way

    Up By The Roots
  • When It Rains

    When It Rains

    Up By The Roots
  • High On The Hill

    High On The Hill

    Up By The Roots